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Public Bikes Rear Bike Rack
Should you get a rear rack for your bike? The simple answer is a resounding, "Yes!" Gone will be the days you arrived at your destination with a sweaty back or sore shoulders from carrying an overstuffed backpack or messenger bag. A rear bike rack allows you to carry surprisingly heavy loads on the most stable and strong part of the bicycle frame. Europeans have understood this for years, and this is why nearly all European city bikes come with some form of a rear bicycle rack as standard equipment. This rear rack is crafted of lightweight tubular alloy. It is strong, durable, and capable of handling up to 45 lbs of anything you need to carry. Plus, these racks are painted to match our bike colors -- go matchy-matchy or mix it up by choosing a contrasting color. **If you want to install this rack on a PUBLIC bike from 2011 or earlier, or another brand of bike, please make a note in the shipping instructions and we'll include additional mounting hardware.

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