Public Bikes Trieste Bike Cup Holder

Public Bikes Trieste Bike Cup Holder
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Public employees love coffee, but they couldn't find a bike coffee cup holder on the market that mounted securely enough for their liking. So they designed a bicycle handlebar coffee carrier with a sturdy new double-bolted mount design that you can trust to carry even the fanciest single-origin brew. It's named after Trieste, Italy, the most important coffee port in the Mediterranean and the namesake of San Francisco's famous Caffe Trieste, the North Beach cafe that introduced espresso to the West Coast and the legendary hangout of bohemians from Kerouac to Coppola.

The Trieste Coffee Cup Holder from PUBLIC mounts with two robust Allen bolts and fits all PUBLIC bikes, and many other city bikes without requiring any shims or spacers. It's designed to hold a reusable coffee cup with a tapered body and a sealed lid, which is required to avoid splashes. The cup holder ring is lined with a soft grip material to keep your mug snug.

  • Designed to fit PUBLIC Bikes
  • Cup holder clamp diameter: 22.2mm
  • Only for use with tapered 12-16 oz cups with sealed lids
  • Also carries tea. Decaf not recommended
  • The handlebar cup holder mount has a 22.2mm clamp diameter to fit PUBLIC handlebars
  • If you don't have a PUBLIC bike, measure your bike handlebars with a caliper at the spot where you want to mount the cup holder, to make sure the handlebar diameter is 22.2mm at that point. (Handlebars taper from the center to the ends.)
  • If you don't have a caliper, try wrapping a tape measure or piece of string around the bar to measure the circumference
  • The handlebar should measure 69.75mm or 2.75 in circumference at the spot where you want to mount the cup holder on your bike

Part Numbers

854633005440 87046 45801