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Sunlite Squeeze Horn
$9.34 - $10.99 $10.99 Up To 15% Savings
- Great novelty horn - Fits most handlebars
Sunlite Trumpet
$9.34 $10.99 15% Savings
•Classic Straight design •Clamp fits most handlebars •10" length
Public Bikes Bell
$5.57 $9.99 44% Savings
Designed by PUBLIC, these chrome bells feature their classic stripe and the sound is crisp and clear.

PUBLIC Bell from PUBLIC Bikes on Vimeo.

Public Bikes Brass Bell
$6.97 $14.99 54% Savings
A quality bike bell with a pleasing, civil tone is hard to find. Too often, they have a tinny, abrasive sound. Simple and elegant, this bell is loud enough to alert cars, bikers and pedestrians of your presence without being obnoxious. Available in finished brass or black painted brass.

Public Brass Bell from PUBLIC Bikes on Vimeo.

Public Bikes Federico Bike Bell
$6.97 $14.99 54% Savings
You definitely need a bell for city riding, unless you like to yell or whistle a lot. However, a good bike bell can be hard to find. So when our Italian pal Federico tracked down the manufacturer of this fine brass bell, we named it after him. You'll appreciate (as well as passersby) the loud but elegantly civil tone, as opposed to the abrasive or tinny tone of most bells.

PUBLIC Federico Red Brass Bell from PUBLIC Bikes on Vimeo.

Public Bikes Pride Bell
$6.97 $14.99 54% Savings
PUBLIC is proud to celebrate equality and inclusiveness. In honor of Pride, we've upgraded one of our favorite PUBLIC Bells into a limited edition Ride Pride Bell with the addition of rainbow stripes. Designed by PUBLIC, these chrome-plated bells offer crisp and clear sound. We recommend that all city bike commuters have a bell to increase awareness and provide added safety on the streets. PUBLIC only produced a limited run of the PUBLIC Pride Bell, so get them, before they're gone, for this years celebration!
Mirrycle Incredibell Adjustabell 2
$6.79 - $7.99 $7.99 Up To 15% Savings
Mirrycle's Incredibell Adjustabell 2 uses a fully adjustable handlebar clamp that fits any size bars. Its perfect size and pivoting ringer let you mount it just about anywhere on your handlebars, and allows you to ring it with your thumb or finger. The Adjustabell 2 can even be mounted to a ski pole or walking stick. One flick and it rings loud and clear for all to hear.
Mirrycle Original Incredibell
$9.34 $10.99 15% Savings
Don't let the small size fool you. The Original Incredibell is little, light and LOUD! Its diminutive dimensions and pivoting ringer let you mount it just about anywhere on your handlebars. A flick of your finger and the Ding! Ding! rings clear for all to hear.
Electra Linear Bell
$13.59 - $15.99 $15.99 Up To 15% Savings
A bicycle bell with a quality sound is how you say hello in Electra. - Proprietory Spring Ringer - Aluminum metal with a polished finish - Let your presence be known, in style!
Dimension Burger Bell
$7.61 $8.95 15% Savings
Medium sized bells with exciting and classic designs to fit a range from 46mm to 60mm wide. Check out the video for a YouTube sound clip!
Dimension Headset Spacer Bell
$9.31 $10.95 15% Savings
Free up valuable handlebar space with the Headset Spacer Bell. - For 1 1/8-inch steerers
Creme Cycles Chime Bell
$12.71 $24.99 49% Savings
Let’em know who’s coming! The full, rich sound of brass will bring music to your everyday ride. The Chime Bell is elegant, easy to install alloy clamp with plastic spacer that protects the handle bar from scratches. The classic sidestriker design, large diameter and brass body produces a long and rich sound.
Creme Cycles Ding Dong Bell
$12.71 $24.99 49% Savings
Let’em know who’s coming! Creme bells are not only practical, they bring music to your everyday ride. Available in a range of colours to suit every bike.
BikeSmart Amore Bell
$10.19 $11.99 15% Savings
Do you love your bike? Let everyone know with BikeSmart's Amore Bell.
BikeSmart Audibell
$10.19 $11.99 15% Savings
A nifty little bras bell from BikeSmart with a loud and clear ring to it. Features- Brass bell Fits handlebars 19.2mm to 31.8mm in diameter Lifetime Warranty
BikeSmart BittyBell
$10.19 $11.99 15% Savings
Let people know you are coming with the BikeSmart BittyBell. This small brass bell works on either the right or left hand side of your handlebars, and has a lovely tone.
BikeSmart DingleBell
$8.49 $9.99 15% Savings
Let people know that you are coming with the BikeSmart DingleBell. This fun bell will work on either the right or left side of your handlebars.
BikeSmart UnbelieviBell
$8.49 $9.99 15% Savings
Extensive research conducted on the walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge has taught us that “on your left!” apparently sounds a lot like “step in front of me!” We had no idea. Luckily, help is on the way. Ding-ding those tourists out of your path with the clear, bright tone of the BikeSmart UnbelieviBell. Works on left or right side of handlebar Lifetime warranty
Avenir Bing Bong Bell
$7.22 $9.99 28% Savings
Let them know your coming with an Avenir bell. This is a classic, old-school chrome bell you ring with your thumb that gives you that great "bing-bong" sound. It's a whole lot better than yelling "on your left" 100 times.
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