If you are wondering what S-Works EXOS shoes are for—two words: going fast

Lightness is more than just lightweight. It’s when agility’s met with power. It’s when simply looking at your shoes, of all things, motivates you to ride. And that’s what the S-Works EXOS have captured. They’ve changed cycling shoes forever, stripping them down to only the necessities, and leaving you with the feeling of lightness.


The S-Works EXOS are the lightest production cycling shoes ever made. Specialized researched shoe weight across every industry, and only the most extreme examples from niche sports are nearly as light as the 150 grams (Size 42) shown here. Their team obsessed over it for four years and finally landed on a design that locks the foot with a Boa® dial for the on-the-fly adjustability that our World Tour athletes need—all at the lightest weight.



Grams Count

To make a shoe that’s 150 grams (per shoe, Size 42), they took a space-age material called Dyneema™, gathered the engineers that brought you the Tarmac, and created a design that follows no rules. They redesigned the heel counter, removed the toe box, and developed a carbon outsole via ply-by-ply carbon analysis that took nearly as much time to develop as the Tarmac itself.

Secure Stiffness

With materials like the non-stretch Dyneema™ upper to cradle your heel, they’ve ensured extraordinary power transfer. They also used the proven lock-down of an IP-1 Boa® dial for an even more direct connection with minimal power loss. And when you pair all of this with a 66-gram outsole that has stiffness equal to other S-Works models, you get maximum efficiency in the lightest possible package. Of course, this was all developed with their World Tour riders, so good luck flexing these shoes.


While comfort may sometimes be a race-day-afterthought, it’s a necessity to perform at your best during long days in the saddle. And while nearly everything else has been stripped from EXOS in the name of performance, they kept all of the ergonomically designed, scientifically tested Body Geometry features you’ve come to love. But the comfort of EXOS goes beyond Body Geometry. These shoes have an adaptive exoskeleton that cradles your foot with the comfort of a slipper, and to cinch it all down, we’ve trusted Boa® to provide all-day adjustability and comfort.


The S-Works EXOS 99 take the concepts behind EXOS even further—weighing in at an astonishingly light 99 grams-per-shoe. Yes, you read that right: 99 grams. The S-Works EXOS 99 road shoes are the world's lightest production cycling shoes—no IFs, ANDs, or BUTs about it.
The most noticeable difference between the S-Works EXOS and S-Works EXOS 99 is the change from a Boa® dial to the laces. This saves weight in the closure system and in the tongue construction. The EXOS 99 also has a special heel lug, and they’ve removed the TPU on the quarters to save a few grams for each. They’ve also made a special outsole for these shoes that look like the EXOS but is 20% lighter.