This might be the playlist era, but do you remember getting handed an actual mixtape? There was this rush of excitement and anticipation—a feeling of familiarity stepping into someone else’s brain and loving what you heard. It made it so easy to get lost and inspired by the music. And when our designer, Kayla Clarot, found herself longing for this sense of connection, she bottled-up these emotions into something tangible. We call it the Mixtape Collection—bikes and gear that celebrate what brings us all together.


"Rocket to Russia is iconic and classic to me. It will never go out of style and that’s powerful. Rocket to Russia represents finding my tribe and finding a community that I could finally connect with."

— Starr Walker, Specialized Product Manager


"Electric Warrior is the first iconic rock album I discovered as I was coming of age. Imagine Marc Bolan’s power stance on a bike—fabulous."

— Leah Garaas, Specialized Social Media Wizard

No Doubt

"You can’t help but to stop thinking about what’s going on in your life and just lose yourself in a jam-out-session to Tragic Kingdom. That’s the same feeling I have when I ride…Stop thinking about the bull@/#*t and enjoy the ride."

— Julie Bertoli, Specialized Marketing Events Manager


"SZA’s album reminds me of where I am in my 20s. Being surrounded by all these things from the past that make you who you are and trying to let go of the things that are clearly dated, while still trying to stare down the future with confidence…and then immediately questioning everything. SZA is a fierce human and incredible creative who refuses to be quiet. Sooo INSPIRING."

— Kayla Clarot, Specialized Lead Designer